Cenokga Partner Terms

Current as of 9/29/2021

Do you like retro video games? Do you like helping out indie video game studios? Do you like free games and other merchandise?

If you answered yes, to any of those, then you should apply to be a Cenokga Partner!

Apply here: Cenokga Partner Application

But, before you apply you must read and agree to the terms on this page.

What is a Cenokga Partner you ask?

What? You didn’t ask? Well, I’ll tell you anyway!

A Cenokga Partner is an individual, a company or an esports team who can promote and spread awareness of Cenokga and its games in a positive way.

FTC Disclosure

Per FTC rules, you need to state that you are compensated for promoting Cenokga or the specified game. You can just add a disclosure like, #ad #sponsored or “In Partnership with Cenokga” You could also have a Sponsored Stream text on your live stream or video. Whichever method you choose, people need to know that you are compensated for the promotion of Cenokga or the specified game.

What are Cenokga Partners Required to Do?

The only real requirement of a is that you need to always look for the good when talking about, promoting or sharing news about Cenokga and its games and act the way you would if you were a Nintendo Ambassador, or Xbox or PlayStation Ambassador (don’t know what they call their programs).

Another requirement is that you must also give back to the program in a meaningful way.

The Cenokga Partner Program is not a place to get free games and not give any effort back. Cenokga Partners will receive free games (and free merchandise at a later date) to promote Cenokga and it’s games on social networks.

What Do Cenokga Partners Get in Return for being a Cenokga Partner?

Cenokga Partners can join the Partner only Xsolla Partner Network and receive commission for sales of games by Cenokga they generate from their community.

Current commission percentage is 50%. You also agree that the commission percentage can change at any time at Cenokga’s discretion. Cenokga Partners will receive free games (and free merchandise at a later date) to promote Cenokga and it’s games on social networks.

Promotion can be one or all of the following:

  • Gameplay Video (Let’s Plays, First Impressions, Reviews or Unboxings, etc.)
  • Gaming Streams or Posts on Social Networks
  • Word of Mouth. Doesn’t have to be all online.

Will I Be Removed from The Cenokga Partner Program if I don’t Bring in a Certain Amount of Game Sales?

Simply put, no. There is no quota of sales or quota of posts you need to make. As long as you’re making an effort to promote the Cenokga brand and promote games by Cenokga, you will not be removed for not getting any sales.

Please show the same enthusiasm as you would to other Affiliate Networks, Sponsors or other Partner Programs.

In determining if someone is inactive is a multi step process.

If you have not been active for a while, (haven’t said or posted anything about Cenokga in a long time) you will receive an email asking why you haven’t been active.

After about another month of reminders, you will receive a final notice that if you don’t acknowledge the final notice that you want to stay in the Partner Program, your Partnership will be removed.

You can then resubmit another application to Partnership again if you missed the warnings or did not get them.

Of course there are exceptions to this section. For things that make it difficult to have a set schedule. Like:

  • Work
  • College
  • Vacation
  • Etc.

What are the Requirements to be a Cenokga Partner?

While these are not hard requirements, they are generally the factors Cenokga looks for in applications for Cenokga Partners. If you don’t meet any of these requirements, but still think you would be a good fit for a Cenokga Partner, you can still apply. Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis.

If you have a large community on a social network not listed, you can still apply.

To be able to join the Xsolla Partner Network (The company that handles the Commissions), you’ll need to have at least 50 followers on one of these platforms:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Twitch.

This requirement is not set by Cenokga. It’s Xsolla’s requirements. Also, these social networks aren’t the only places you can share your Partner tracking link once approved. They are only required to join the Xsolla Partner network. You can post your Partner Tracking link anywhere affiliate links are allowed.

1,000 followers on one or more of these social networks:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Page

1,000 or more on either of these video and streaming platforms:

  • Glimesh
  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Facebook Gaming

Are There Country Restrictions?

The only country restriction would be that of the US Trade Laws, which prohibit trading in those countries.

Also, any country that Steam or the specific Console doesn’t do business with will not be sent game codes and might not be able to join the Cenokga Partner Program.

Currently, free physical merchandise is only available in the USA. But digital items will still be sent. As in Steam Keys and Console Codes.

What is the Cenokga Partner Community Guidelines?

To be considered for a Cenokga Partner, you must not be engaged in any controversial topics on your social network accounts. Or be actively spreading hate, violent threats, whether directly or indirectly.

What is controversial is up to Cenokga to decide. Part of the review process is looking at past posts on your associated social network accounts that you have provided when you applied. Also in accounts which belong to your that you didn’t provide. Your posts or videos must not contain anything that is:

  • Pornographic or indecent
  • Racist, or racial biased
  • Rude or hateful towards anyone
  • Making fun of any disability
  • Content that makes fun of another’s religious beliefs
  • Is overly violent

If your content is mostly political extremism (no matter what party) please don’t apply. As the Partners Program is for gamers not political content creators.

Your username must also not be inappropriate.

Inappropriate usernames would include, but not limited to usernames with:

  • Profanity
  • Vulgar Words
  • Abbreviations of Profanity or Vulgar Words
  • Racist Words or Terms
  • Harmless Words used as Vulgar Words

This is not a complete list of what is not allowed. But, anything that in Cenokga’s view is inappropriate or indecent will not be allowed.

Dispute Resolution

If any of these rules are broken, you will be warned. Repeat breaking of the Partner TOS will result in being suspended or banned from being a Cenokga Partner.

Depending on the offense or the rule broken and the severity, you may be banned without warning. But you will always receive a reason why you were banned or suspended unless it is prohibited by law to publicly reveal a reason.

By being a Cenokga Partner, you also agree that if you have any disputes, rumors, harsh criticism or anything harsh/negative to say about Cenokga, you agree that you will privately contact Cenokga about the issue before posting anything negative, harsh or otherwise criticizing towards Cenokga.

This section is not to prevent Cenokga Partners from saying they don’t like something in a game or just have a dislike about a game or to censor reviews or comments. This section is for serious disputes.

But a Cenokga Partner should want to genuinely say helpful things about Cenokga or it’s games. Still, the above Section is in effect. Any serious disputes from either party are to be handled in private communication to give the party time to fix any issue. The same goes for Cenokga and it’s owner. If Cenokga has any disputes with a Cenokga Partner, that dispute will be handled privately with the Cenokga Partner.

Cenokga understands that people’s Free Speech should not be censored, but there also should be community guidelines and lines that should not be crossed in a professional sense.

Cenokga will also defend it’s Partners from harassments as much as it can if it arises.

Updates to the Partner Terms

These Terms will be updated occasionally. Your continued participation of the Partner Network constitutes your acceptance of these Terms.

Minor changes to these Terms will happen and you can see the “Current as of” in the top left corner of these terms to see when the Terms were last updated. If there are minor changes or updates to these Terms you will not be notified, but if there are major changes or updates to these Terms you will receive an email. Your continued use of The Partner Program constitutes your acceptance of the updated Terms. If you do not accept the updated Terms, contact Cenokga to be removed from the Partner Program.


Your relationship with Cenokga is a revocable relationship that can be revoked at any time Cenokga can prove you have broken the Cenokga Partner Program Terms. Your relationship with Cenokga is not an actual “Partnership” You, the Content Creator and Cenokga are separate individuals or companies. the Cenokga Partner Program Terms is more like an affiliate network and by promoting the specified game, you earn the specified % of commission from sales resulting from your Tracking Link. Cenokga is not the company that manages or calculates the commissions or what counts as a valid sale from your link. Xsolla is the company who manages the Partner Network. Xsolla also has their own set of Terms which you must also follow.

Information Deletion

If you want to leave the Partner Network and have all of your information deleted you must email Cenokga at support @ cenokga.com with your request.

Certain information will not be deleted immediately, but will be deleted as soon as possible.

Upon acceptance of Information Deletion request, you will be immediately removed from the Cenokga Partner Program and the Xsolla Partner Network List. You must then delete and or remove any association of you still being a Cenokga Partner. Past post don’t need to be deleted. Only current posts and current sponsor images.

Certain information may remain for lawful purposes such as, complying with law enforcement if necessary.

Even though you left the Cenokga Partner Program and have been removed from the Xsolla Partner Network list, you may still see commission from sales as you will remain in the Xsolla Partner Network until the end date. That is Xsolla’s rules, not Cenokga’s.

The Cenokga Partner Program is not for people under the age of 13. If it is found out that information of individuals under 13 has been collected, Cenokga will delete that information as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy

Click here for the Cenokga Privacy Policy. Cenokga will never sell your information and will never share your information with third parties without your consent. Cenokga will never send spam emails to your inbox either.

Subscribing to the Cenokga Partners Newsletter is mandatory. As this is the way you will receive information about the Cenokga Partners Program.