Experience After First Game Release – A Letter from the Developer

Update: Starclaw: Battle of StarSpace Nebula has been Updated and Re-Branded to Kowi Ishto: Battle of Akonoli.

Version numbers have also been reset.

Steam Announcement: Introducing: Kowi Ishto: Battle of Akonoli


Hello, everyone, it’s Kyle from Cenokga.

I wanted to talk about my experience after my first game release.

Experience After First Game Release

I learned that of course, not everyone is going to like the games made by Cenokga.

As after the first game release, it got an overly negative review, which I handled the response hastily and angrily. Instead of not saying anything and fixing the errors found in the game, (which there were some errors). Errors I didn’t even know existed and somehow slipped through testing. I acted like I could control anything that people said about the game and if it wasn’t good, I could demand that they take it down. But, This thinking is not professional.

Reviews are Helpful

I may not have liked the review, but the review did, point out issues in the game which in turn, has made the game better.

I cannot control what people say about games by Cenokga. Current or future games. The only thing I can do, is to follow Cenokga’s saying “To make games for people to enjoy.” And to use whatever people say about it’s games for the good of the games and the company. Whether what people say is well intended or not, I can use it as feedback to create better games.

I’ve now released a Patch Version 1.0.3 for Starclaw: Battle of StarSpace Nebula that includes various Player Experience changes and Fixes to the game. It includes a remade SFX and BGM volume control and a better multiplayer select screen and game balancing fixes.

What I now ask, is that people give Cenokga another chance. Let me prove to be the game developer I set out to be. Let me prove to be the game developer whose games you can’t wait to be released.

I know I compared myself to Rare and EA, but remember that I’m a one man game studio, who doesn’t have a team like they do. I do almost everything myself. Programming, Music, testing, marketing and a lot more. Sometimes one area gets over looked and forgotten about. Which causes bugs and glitches that I’m not aware of.

I will leave off with a quote from Mr. Reggie Fils-Aime:

“You want to be known as the person who does the thing that is right, instead of the thing that is easy”