Steam Keys in Xsolla Partner Network

Hello everyone.

Kyle from Cenokga here.

In order to keep track of the Steam keys on the Xsolla Partner Network that have actually been activated on Steam, a majority of the uploaded key have been revoked. This was also to prevent the unauthorized use and selling of the Steam Keys.

I can confirm that no legitimate purchased Steam Keys where revoked. Only Review Keys that were uploaded to the Partner Network were revoked.

Also, some people had joined the Partner Network twice and received 2 Steam Keys. Whether they had planned to sell them or joined more than once just to get more Steam Keys, that is not allowed and against the Cenokga Terms of Use.

I’m not publicly mentioning the ones who got multiple Steam Keys, but if anyone other than them, had their Steam Key revoked unexpectedly, please contact at this email and I will look into it further.

You will need to provide proof that you had actually activated the Steam Key before I can send out a new Steam Key.

Proof will be:

• Screenshot of Error Message
• Steam username and play time over 0 Hours
• Any other form of proof of ownership or activation

It was not the intention to revoke Steam Keys just so people can’t get a review copy.

It is Cenokga’s policy to not let review Steam Keys go un activated for over 30 days of being sent out, because, like said above, to prevent the unauthorized use of selling/getting multiple Steam Keys.